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Kid Friendly Road Trip Snacks

By admin | May 17, 2019

Hitting the road with the kids? Here are some kid friendly snacks to make your trip more enjoyable.

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Make sure you bring a selection of drinks. Avoid spills by putting liquid into no spill bottles. Its best to avoid fizzy or dairy drinks whilst you are in motion. Fizzy drinks can make a mess if they have been bouncing around and unless you have a great esky it can be tricky to store dairy for long periods of time.



Cut up fruit ahead of time and store in single serve snack bags or lunch boxes. This way you wont end up with apple cores rotting under the seat. Its best to leave very juicy fruits at home such as watermelon or mango as these juices can be a nightmare to clean!



It is always good to keep a few delicious treats on hand. These are great for when the trip is in its final stages and boredom strikes. Stick to lollies or baked goods. Avoid chocolate and chewing gum, which could end up melted or stuck to the seat!


Packaged Goods

Muesli bars or crackers can be handy for in between meal times. Single serve bagged packets of crackers or chips are best for avoiding mess and fights.


Sandwich & Wraps

Even if you intend to stop for lunch pack some wraps and sandwiches as well. These keep well and are great for when the kids need something more substantial then a snack. Handy for when you’re not sure how long it is until the next town with restaurants. Avoid the service station or fast food and pack them as a meal which you can enjoy in a park as a family. This will also be great for the kids to stretch their legs and use up some energy.


Handy tip: Bring plenty of wet wipes to quickly clean hands and mess!


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Safe Travels!

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